Oxal'art organizes a dozen concerts a year in Reims. Some highlights since 2001:
2012: Radikal Satan, marquee Le Temps des Cerises
2011: Hoquets, the Café Appart
2010: Shannon Wright, Saint Exupéry Cultural Center
2009: Zëro / Marvin, cultural center Saint Exupéry, Dixtengo festival (the ten years of the association)
2008: Dark Dark Dark / From Monument to Masses, the Ludoval
2007: Pullover / Bewitched Hands on the Top of our Heads, the Ludoval
2006 - 2007 evenings Act'Dub: Molecule / Kanka / Dub Addict, the Cartonnerie
2002 - 2004 co-organization of concerts with the Burn Out association: Envy / Robocop Kraus / The Locust, Turenne - Appolinaire
2001 - 2002 Festival The Night of the Disenchanted: Gavroche / Laetitia Sheriff / JefH / Maczde Carpate

Accompanying groups
Promotion, artistic support and logistic of the member artists: Grindi Manberg, Mila Marina, the Woodsenders, the project A lily between the thorns of Julien Chamla and the company A lily between the thorns.

Administrative services
The association OXAL'ART has put in place appropriate tools and procedures that meet a demand, coming from two types of actors of the cultural life:
- artists, whether or not they are in an association, who wish to be legally remunerated for their work and who are often deprived of the legislation in force.
- communities or private organizations organizing artistic events who wish to employ artists who do not have a legal structure or skills to establish a contract of sale (purchase of show).

We make possible the remuneration of the artists who gave us their trust and thus promote the economic and legal structuring of a sector of professional activity.

Oxal'art accompanies your activity of producer, organizer or artist, from the project of spectacle to the annual social declarations.
The associations we work with: Slam Tribe / Collective The Walking River / Collective Io / Icebreaker / The Veranda / MITCH / Bronca / Collective Tentative / FLAP